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Patterson Client Story.
Mike and Marcia Patterson  - Ranch and home situated on the Great Western Cattle Trail
In his “buttoned down” career, Mike Patterson worked as a petroleum geologist in the international division of various oil and gas companies. His last project, before retiring in 2007, was the development of China’s offshore oil and gas fields. As a geologist the native Texan was drawn to the hilly terrain and large rock formations in the Hill Country. In his youth he hunted for fossils in the area and he remembers thinking that one day he would live in the Hill Country.

In January 2005, his wish became a reality when a land broker in Kerrville sold Mike and Marcia Patterson a 350-acre ranch property that is situated on the historic Great Western Cattle Trail, located 2 miles south of Bandera Pass on Highway 173. An old metal building on the property served as the Patterson’s weekend bunkhouse. The couple spent two years scouring the ranch in search of the perfect spot to build their retirement home. Their chosen spot was a promontory overlooking Bandera Creek.

While becoming familiar with the surrounding towns, Marcia Patterson was drawn to the design style of the Hill Country homes found in the Comanche Trace community. On a visit to the sales office, Mike and Marcia requested a list of Comanche Trace homebuilders. Although it was a Sunday afternoon, the sales secretary suggested the couple visit Tony Robert’s family home.

Mike Patterson shares their dream home story.

We made an immediate connection with Tony and the Roberts family on several levels, including the discovery that Tony is also a graduate of Texas A & M. We were so impressed with Tony and his wife and the style and design of their home was very close to what we wanted in ours. Tony offered to share his house plans with us and we hired Mustard Design in Fredericksburg to draw up our blueprints using the Roberts home as a guide. The house is 5,000 square feet with a swimming pool that includes a pool house with a fully functioning kitchen. There is also a screen deck that stretches across the back of the house with a French door entry from the master bedroom and a sweeping view of Bandera creek and the valley below.



Our Hill Country retirement home is the fifth house that I’ve had built, and in my experience, I have found that most builders are capable of constructing a pretty good house. But working with Tony Roberts is an adventure that goes far beyond just building a home. Tony paints a picture and tells you this is what we are going to capture for you. From there, you just know that he is going to make your home a pretty good place to live.

Marcia and I decided not to hire a decorator, so Tony gave us a list of recommended suppliers for the granite and tile and appliances. He also sent us to see several homes using a variety of stone exteriors. Tony was very good at understanding what we wanted and incorporating that into the design of the house.

We had a file cabinet full of magazine pictures and it took hours and hours to make our selections. At times it was frustrating, but there isn’t much of anything that we would do differently today. We learned a lot and had fun. Marcia said she would do it all over again without using a decorator.


Tony estimated it would take 12 to 14 months to build our home, but it took longer because we hired a special craftsman to build our kitchen cabinets, which turned out beautifully. Tony was always accessible and I was very impressed with all of his sub contractors. During the time our home was being built, we often stayed in the bunkhouse on the property, so we felt included the whole process.

When something in the building plans needed changing, the team was right on top of it. The accounting was professionally handled and every little thing you did was accounted for plus or minus. Tony is one of those guys that once you work with him for a few months, you feel like you are part of the family.


We moved into our new home on June 12, 2007 with the “quickest punch list” I have ever seen.

Every morning Marcia and I wake up and experience beautiful views in every direction—including big open pastures and the hills of Bandera Pass. The Great Western Cattle trail that runs through our property is rich with history and heritage and our first Christmas was shared with family and friends. If I were to build another house next week I wouldn’t call anybody else but Tony Roberts. We got what I consider a good friend and we had a wonderful experience along the way.