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Novak Client Story.
Bill and Joan Novak  - Comanche Trace residents.
Bill and Joan Novak are retired professionals who pay close attention to details. Bill is a retired AT&T executive and Joan is a retired Director of Health Information for a large hospital system in the Northeast. Before returning to their home state they toured many master-planned communities in the Northeast always looking for a home setting that offered a mild climate, good medical facilities, a large airport with metropolitan area nearby, and a variety of recreational activities. The Novaks settled in Kerrville, Texas because it is a perfect blend of rugged Hill Country beauty mixed with the charm of a small yet sophisticated Texas town. Native Texans, the couple happily found a lot at Comanche Trace that offered a golf course site with Hill Country views and golden sunsets.

The next step was to find a builder who could meet all the building requirements of the Novak’s retirement dream home.


The Comanche Trace home is our first experience building a house from scratch. After meeting Tony Roberts we were impressed with his integrity and knowledge of the building process. He showed us several beautiful homes he had built and we could see for ourselves the pride he takes in his work. Tony has a solid reputation among builders in the area and he holds his sub-contractors to a high standard. He guided us in budgeting our project using an excellent software package that allowed us to track expenses and monitor progress. After walking over our lot with Tony, we felt that he was the man we could trust to build the home we wanted.



Because we were new to the building process, we also interviewed architects. We chose Garrett Harmon, a talented architect and home designer and with a special flair for Southwestern architecture, so we knew that he could incorporate the stone and wood features that we desired in our new house. After several conversations with Garrett, we saw that Garrett and Tony had an appreciation for each other’s work, which was important to us. We wanted the building team to work comfortably with Garrett’s design.


We rented a carriage home at Comanche Trace during the building process and visited our project almost every evening. We got to know each set of subs and inspected their work daily.

Tony is flexible and easy-going but keeps an eagle eye over the subs. Bo knows on-site construction inside and out and he was always available for our many questions. Our usual process was to e-mail Bo our items for discussion and he would meet us at the house to clarify issues and resolve any problems. Routinely, we would also meet with both Tony and Tricia at the office to monitor the project. Tricia Byrom was a tremendous help in keeping the lines of communication open at all times. She resolved issues with vendors and kept track of our bills. She was extremely efficient with the billing and reporting software and kept us in the loop with periodic reports that made it easy for us to monitor.

It is our nature to be involved, and Tony and Tricia made the process easier by steering us to quality vendors and by recommending best practices based on their years of experience. We visited everyone on Tony’s list of vendors making selections that varied from types of dirt for site prep to shades of tan for interior walls. Throughout the building process, we watched and learned about site prep, retaining walls, wood framing, roofing, insulation, masonry, plumbing, electrical, flooring, cabinets, painting and staining—and it was fun.


We moved into our new home in Comanche Trace in April 2008. The interior is 4,000 square feet and that doesn’t include the patios or the three-car garage which houses our golf cart. At the time we moved in, the punch list was not very long, and the clearing process went smoothly with every item on the list resolved without a problem.

Gary Pools designed our pool but Tony Roberts coordinated the lengthy building process, which requires working in tandem with the construction of patios, and the completion of the house.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have found Tony Roberts Custom Homes. His team makes sure the customer is the first priority and we know with certainty that our new home is well built.