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Workman Client Story.
Ron and Robyn Workman - Comanche Trace residents.
Ron Workman is a retired commercial contractor of 25 years, and he was a Construction Science professor at Texas A&M University in College Station. Ron and Robyn built five homes from the ground up before moving to the Texas Hill Country.
In 2003 the Workmans purchased a lot in Comanche Trace and construction began on their new home in May 2007.

Robyn and I singled out Tony Roberts Custom Homes because of its exceptional level of craftsmanship. After following Roberts’ building progress in Comanche Trace, we realized that Tony’s standard of quality is much higher than other builders. I had several conversations with Tony while visiting his construction sites and I was impressed with his willingness to answer my questions. He always came up with the right answer in my opinion.
We observed a team approach working between Tony Roberts and Architect Joe Neely and that appealed to us, so we engaged Joe to draw up our house plans. During the planning process, we stayed involved in the direction of the design and Tony was available for input whenever necessary. At this point, Robyn and I also began the process of selecting rock and tile and other materials that would be incorporated into the exterior and interior of our home. Unlike first time custom homebuyers, we have a track record of building several homes and it is easy for us to visualize the end result. We no longer require any handholding.

While living in College Station, we developed our own list of suppliers because we found that many times contractors will cut corners. I have enough contracting experience however, to understand that the range of building materials vary in each geographical region and when we moved to the Hill Country we looked for a contractor we could trust. Tony Roberts fit all of our criteria. He does it the right way because he has the same quality expectation as his buyers— this was gold to us.




During the design process, Robyn brought Tony pictures of rock and other materials we wanted to purchase and Tony steered her to his suppliers. He was open to new ideas and new techniques and he never made us feel unusually picky. An example of this: we selected a unique galvanized metal roof that had never been used in the Hill Country and Tony did not discourage us. But when he would say that he did not have any success with a certain material, we went in another direction.


Tony has a great relationship with his group of sub contractors and he commands a high level of performance from them. The workers are topnotch and they made it easy for us to be on site and part of the team. We never felt we had to look over our shoulder; our objective was to be available to answer questions when necessary—before something got built rather than afterwards.

At the same time, if our schedule had been different and we wished to travel, we could have packed up and gone to Jamaica with the certainty that everything would be done right.


Robyn and I knew what we wanted and we knew Tony Roberts could provide it. Our home is exactly what we expect it to be. We probably had the shortest punch list of anyone building a new home. Any issues we had were minimal and most were completed during the last 30 days of construction before we moved into our new home.

We have recommended Tony Roberts Custom Homes many times. When a buyer is new to the building process and doesn’t know the right questions to ask, it is a whole lot easier to work with a quality builder like Tony Roberts. Tricia Tenery is Tony’s right hand assistant and she is also wonderful to work with—whatever details need to be handled get handled.